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If you are living with aches and pains, stress or other emotional issues I may be able to help. Using both physical and emotional treatments as necessary it's often possible to get amazing relief - and I can work alongside modern medicine. I look forward to meeting you ~ Mark West.

As a very active mountain biker, my legs and shoulders became very tight over short periods of time on the bike. Add in the stresses of daily life and I soon needed some help. Being conscious of wasting my GP's time and not wanting to wait many months for Physio, I sought out Mark’s help.

Mark has made a massive difference, helping to alleviate the tightness and pain using Massage and Reiki. He has also given me some guidance on useful stretches and exercises which do help enormously. I now visit Mark on a regular basis as a maintenance thing just to keep things in order so that I can enjoy riding my bike for longer and feel more relaxed in stressful situations.

Ian, Bristol

I have had the pleasure of receiving three different types of treatment from Mark all of which have been very beneficial to my wellbeing. Those being Massage, Reiki and Hypnosis/EFT.

The treatments I have received have been of great benefit to both my physical and emotional needs. He is very knowledgeable, thoughtful and caring where it comes to the body and mind, and has tailored each individual treatment to my needs at that specific time.

The massages I have received have eased many physical pains and aches but have also taught me about where in my body I carry my stress. When I have had a Reiki treatment it has left me feeling very calm and peaceful. The Hypnosis/EFT were very helpful to me. They enable me to reach and talk about emotions which had been buried for many years leaving me more empowered to manage my feelings.

Stella, Weston-super-Mare

When I first went to see Mark, I was desperate for help. I suffer from severe headaches, which are made much worse by the stiff neck that they themselves cause - a vicious cycle. The same tensions extended down my arms and were causing symptoms of RSI. This is a problem I have had for 17 years, but which has gotten progressively worse, so clearly I was going to have a long way to go.

Mark started by treating my neck, but rapidly moved on to addressing all of the muscle groups that were involved, including treating the trouble in my arms and wrists. He also recommended exercises that I could do at home to improve things further, and was most patient with my slowness in adopting them.

I've been seeing Mark for about 5 months now - I always knew that my particular problems would not be quick to fix - but Mark has exceeded my expectations. The RSI is a shadow of what it was, and the trouble with my neck is well managed (it will remain until the underlying cause of the headaches is completely treated, but that is a medical issue that will take a while yet to resolve).

All I wanted when I went to see Mark was to find a way to carry on despite my health problems, but his work has also helped to improve my general well-being and has given me a new optimism about the improvements that can be made. Thank you for everything Mark.

Tom, Bristol

I went to Mark as I was suffering from a phobia which had became so severe I was having panic attacks daily and my wellbeing was seriously compromised.

After only one EFT session with Mark I noticed a difference and after 5 or 6 sessions I had completely stopped having panic attacks and was able to deal with my phobia. My mental and physical wellbeing is now much improved.

I found Mark to be approachable, friendly, calm and unjudgmental and would recommend him to anyone.

Dawn, Bristol

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